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Timberland Boots for Women

A good pair of winter boots are worth their weight in gold. Timberland boots keep your feet warm, dry and have good traction. They also are a part of your winter fashion statement. But do they have to break the bank? No, they don't. You can get a pair of cheap snow boots with all the quality you want. The key is to look for a few critical attributes that a good snow boot, whether it's cheap or expensive, should have. These are:

  • Insulated interior
  • Thick sole
  • Waterproof
  • Fashion forward
Timberland Women’s Welfleet Wellie 6 Inch Waterproof Boot,Wheat/Ble,7 M US Price $ 120.00
$ 90.00
You Save $30,00
Timberland Women’s Nellie Pull-On Boot,Dark Brown,9.5 M US Price $ 130.00
$ 97.50
You Save $32,50
Soft Point Viscolas Sports Insole – Size Medium Price $ 32.95
$ 29.99
You Save $2,96
Timberland Women’s Mount Holly Duck Ankle Boot,Black,7.5 M US Price $ 130.00
$ 119.99
You Save $10,01
Timberland Women’s Premium Nellie Boots – Bubble Gum Pink Nubuck 8 – Regular Reviews Price $ 89.95
$ 99.99
You Save $-10,04
Timberland Women’s Willis Tall Boot,Black,7 M US Price $ 180.00
$ 179.95
You Save $0,05
Timberland Women’s Euro Hiker (Leather Boot) – Oiled Brown Smooth 8.5 Price $ 154.95
$ 99.99
You Save $54,96
Timberland Women’s White Ledge Mid Ankle Boot,Brown,7.5 M US Price $ 100.00
$ 80.46
You Save $19,54
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How to pick Timberland Boots

Most cheap snow boots will have some, if not all of these attributes. But if you fall in love with boots that are really cute, but don't have all of these qualities - which ones can you live without?

This will depend on where you live and what you plan to do while you are wearing your boots. If you live in the city and will be wearing your snow boots while waiting on the platform for a train or bus, maybe you can live without the waterproofing. Instead, focus on insulation, a thick sole, and how they look. If you're using them to walk the dog, play with kids, or go hunting for a Christmas tree in the woods, you'll want them to have all of the attributes listed above. You'll probably also want them to fit higher up on your leg so that when you step in deep snow, the snow doesn't come piling into your boots.

Of course one thing you'll have to keep in mind when buying your affordable snow boots is layering. Whether you're walking through the city to your job or having a snowball fight in the back yard you'll probably be wearing more than when you first try on your boots. In the winter, do you tend to put on two or three layers of socks? Do you wear legwarmers? Or do you stuff your jeans down into your boots? All these factors come into play when considering what size boot to buy. Some boots by their design fit snugger and don't have as much leeway for extra clothing. Others have plenty of room. Still others are only ankle high.

All in all, when considering which cheap boots to purchase, it's important to consider your activity level, the purpose of the boot, and most of all - how great your boots will look on you!